There are two options for accommodations at UBC.
For around $35 per room you get a dorm room in Vanier or $50 per room gets you a room and breakfast at Gage.

Place Vanier Residence – A mixture of single and twin rooms, with approximately 24 guests on a floor. Guests share hallway washrooms with male and female washrooms located on alternate floors. Limited housekeeping service is available (i.e., linen is provided; guests bring their own towels and soap). Buildings offer a social lounge on every other floor with a TV, fridge, sink and microwave and they are not equipped with elevators.

Pictures and a little more info can be found at the UBC Conference website.

To book you rooms stop by UBC Conference Reservation Page or call 1-888-822-1030 I would recommend doing this by May 20th as the rooms will fill up.