2008 Results

The following teams attended in 2008.

Elite Open

  • Predator from Tacoma, WA
  • Tonka Trucks (TFP Men) from Vancouver
  • Western Canada Junior Men from All over
  • Seattle 3rd Team from Seattle
  • INVICTUS from Calgary
  • Blackfish from Vancouver
  • Armada from Vancouver
  • Voodoo from Seattle
  • Furious George from Vancouver
  • Nomads from Victoria

Elite Women

  • GB Women from the UK
  • Canada Women (Traffic) from Vancouver
  • Viva from Seattle
  • EZ Bake Oven (TFP Women) from Vancouver
  • Riot from Seattle
  • Flo from Calgary
  • Fury from Bay Area
  • Luna Tide from Vancouver


  • Sofa Kings from the Okanagan
  • Figjam from Calgary
  • Cru-cut from Calgary/Prince George
  • EPIC from Calgary
  • Moose Knuckles from Fraser Valley
  • Cannon Fodder from Vancouver
  • White Noise from Victoria
  • Nuts N Bolts from Vancouver
  • Flatline from Vancouver
  • EMU from Edmonton


  • Western Canada Junior Women from All over
  • Ladies Night from Calgary
  • Bushfire from the Okanagan
  • Pandora from Saskatoon
  • Girlfriends from Vancouver
  • CRUSH from Seattle
  • Pi from Seattle
  • Edmonton Women's Ultimate from Edmonton
  • Northwest School Girls from Seattle
  • Ceilidh from Vancouver